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We always had problems with collecting market data and information about our competitors. Even after we got the data, we had to convert it to a common format, then integrate it into our workflow. Making decisions was often guesswork.

You created a simple and elegant system that no packaged software could do. This way, we can make better pricing decisions, resulting in more sales.

Csaba Kökény
Channel Sales Executive
Lenovo Hungary

You might have these problems

  • Your customers can't order because you keep running out of stock.
  • It's really hard to gather data from your ERP, webshop, and spreadsheets all in one place.
  • It takes two whole days to create a report for a simple decision.
  • You often lose money on products that have expired.
  • You had to hire people just to enter data multiple times into different systems.
  • The only way you connect digitally with distributors and customers is through email.

Then we might have a solution

  • Handle stock better with demand forecasting
  • Collect your data automatically into one data warehouse, access it anytime
  • Generate reports that help you make more money by making better decisions
  • Track your expiration dates
  • Replace your old and clunky software with an integrated system to reduce unnecessary work
  • Create an information highway with your supply chain partners

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Agro wholesaler increased sales up to 72% with demand forecasting

Farmmix Kft. had a problem where they wanted to minimize inventory size and simplify their ordering process. They had all the sales data back until 2009, yet they were unable to tap into it without serious manual labor.

Farmmix Kft. is a company dealing with the retail and wholesale trade of pesticides, seeds, fertilizers, gardening tools, and machines in Eastern Hungary in 10 locations. They wanted a simple and quick solution to forecast their demand. It's important that due to the nature of agriculture, there was a huge seasonality in the demand for the products.

What we did is we pulled in the last 3 years of sales data for each product. Then we calculated a reliability score for each product, which indicated how variable the demand is for the product. Then based on the score, the current stock, and the current date, we returned a suggested order amount for these products.

Using this new system, they stopped ordering products they had surplus of, while they stocked products just before the forecast showed a rise in demand. This way, Farmmix could increase the sale volume for many products by up to 72%.

It's time to ditch the spreadsheets!

The problem with too many companies is that they use 20-year-old programs, and that everything is stored in 100 different spreadsheets. Everyday work could be done much more efficiently.

This is not the fault of the CEO or the employees. They are simply not aware that old programs can be cost-effectively replaced, move the excels into an integrated system, and a lot of time-consuming work can be automated with a little help.

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